Interesting offers for longer stays

Camp 7 days and pay only 6 days*.
Camp 14 days and pay only 12 days*.
(*valid at regular prices)

Offers for annual rent

We have availability for permanent campers!
Very nice and quiet pitches to relax in…
Annual fee of 930,- to 980,- Euro – depending on location, plus electricity.
Shorter terms available on request
- Sorry, temporary not available :-( !

Campers, pay attention!

Where to winter your caravan?

The alternative to a usual pitch? We have it!
Instead of choosing during winter season a dreary pitch for your caravan
somewhere, you can rent a permanent pitch on our beautiful campsite.
On smaller plots (~40 to 50 m²) you then have the freedom to be able to
take a vacation anytime! Only 540 € for a whole year, or 350 € fo 7 months.

More information you´ll find here in our flyer (PDF 2,7 MB, german)

Campground Langenbrand, Schoembergerstr. 32, D-75328 Schoemberg-Langenbrand - Black Forest Germany - Tel. ++49 7084 - 6131

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