Location - right on the edge of the wood

We are in the Black Forest Nature Park Central/North directly on the edge of the wood. With no need to travel very far, you can experience the Black Forest in all its diversity and naturalness. You can smell the scent of the fir trees directly from your bed!
Although our very quiet campsite is situated at the forest, it is only a few steps to the village of Langenbrand, where you can buy the bare essentials. Here you will find, in addition to the bakery, also country-style pubs as well as a more formal restaurant.
The principal town of Schömberg is only 2 km away. You can get there by free bus. You can also reach Schömberg very easily by foot via several lovely walks through the woods
In Schömberg, of course, everything is there: in addition to two supermarkets there are many lovely shops that invite you to stroll. A special attraction in Schömberg is also the Kurhaus with its beautiful spa gardens and the nearby mini-golf course and a multi-generational playground.
Schömberg-Langenbrand is situated at an altitude of 670 meters on the „Enz-Nagold-Platte“, between the Enz- and the Nagold valley